Osteopathy is clearly not the panacea for all human diseases of humans, but as its aim is to enhance the body,s own self-healing abilities, a list of all possible indications is inapropriate. If you are unsure whether or not osteopathy can help , please contact us for more information regarding your health condition.

These are the most common conditions that the osteopath deals with:

- back problems: pain, lumbago, hernias, blockages, muscle stiffness, limited mobility, sciatica

- joint pain: frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mousearm, carpal tunnel syndrome

- pain and / or stiffness in back, neck, feet, hands

cervicobrachialgia (neck pain with radiation to the arm), shoulders,hips and limbs 

- sports injuries: sprains, repeated inflammation, tendonitis, cramps

- RSI (repetitive strain injury)

- whiplash syndrome and other post-traumatic symptoms

- different headaches including migraine, and tension headaches

- torticollis (wry neck)

- digestive problems