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What is osteopathy?

The word osteopathy is composed of the Greek words osteo (bone) and pathos (disease). Osteopathy is a therapy, which was founded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in the U.S.A. Osteopathy can be defined as a system of clinical practice which looks at the whole person from a mechanical perspective with emphasis on the importance of the musculoskeletal system upon the general functioning and health of an individual. The osteopathic treatment is focused on detecting and treating the causes of complaints, so that the whole body is stimulated to recover on its own. Osteopathy emphasizes the interplay between the structure and function of the body and recognizes the body's ability to heal itself; it is the job of the osteopath to facilitate that process.

Osteopathy has a holistc approach, to consultation, diagnosis and practice unlike regular medicine.

The osteopathic approach, regards and treats the body as a whole. Thus in practice, the cause of the symptoms is not always the same place where a patient experiences pain, but it may be located elsewhere in the body.

The osteopath works with his hands in order to identify which parts of the body, spine, muscles, tissues and so forth are involved.

The aim of osteopathy is to promote health by restoring the original mobility of the body. Apart from that, the body,s self-healing ability also plays a significant role in recovery. These are just a few examples of how osteopathy works.