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D.O. MRO & Bost. Med.

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The first consultation involves a detailed interview, assessment of movements of the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic tests and, if necessary, neurological tests. All aspects of your health should be discussed for making a correct diagnosis. The osteopath should establish whether the patient has indications or contraindications for having an osteopathic treatment. Based on this information a treatment plan will be made.

The first consultation (interview, examination and treatment) usually lasts 60-90 minutes. If there are doubts about the need for osteopathic treatment, then the patient may be referred to a family doctor for further medical examination. During treatment, the osteopath uses only his hands. Osteopathic techniques range from very gentle to strong. In general, these techniques improve mobility of the spine and joints, improve blood circulation and diminish pain. In most cases the patient feels comfortable during treatment. The frequency of repeat visits can vary from 1 week to 1 month depending on the state of health.

The number of procedures and the interval between treatments depends on individuals.

We kindly ask you to arrive on time. In case of delay, the treatment time will be reduced.

To cancel an appointment, please call within 48 hours. For missed appointments 100% of the cost of the procedure will be charged.

P.S. You will need to bring two large towels for your appointments.