Akperov R.Z.

D.O. MRO & Bost. Med.

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If you have supplementary (aanvullend) insurance, then the cost of treatment will be partially or fully reimbursed by your health insurance company.

Sometimes osteopathy is not explicity mentioned in the reimbursement list, but it comes under: "alternative therapy or exercise therapy".

Changes from the 1st of  March 2024:

The first consultation lasts around 90 minutes costs 100 Euro ( involving an interview,examination and treatment).

The treatment about 45-60 min costs 82 Euro

The short treatment about 30 min costs 55 Euro.

To cancel an appointment, please call within 48 hours. For missed appointments 100% of the cost of the procedure will be charged !

If you have X-rays, MRI scans or any other medical reports, then we kindly ask you to bring these to your appointment.

P.S. We do not deal directly with your insurance company. You will be given a receipt for your payment the Osteopathy Health and Therapy Centre, which you can present to your insurance company for reimbursement.

The policy excess (eigen risico) does not fall under this treatment.