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How many treatments will I need?

The frequency of visiting the osteopath can vary from 1 week to 3 months depending on your state of health. It depends very much on the intensity and cause of your complaint.

I hear a click if the osteopath manipulates my spine. Does it mean that my vertebrae has been replaced?

No, the click that is heard during this type of treatment is gas being released within the joint. This is a normal, non-harmful osteopathic procedure.

What training and qualifications do osteopaths need to practice?

Training courses lead to a bachelor's degree in osteopathy (BSc Hons, BOst or a masters degree(MOst). Osteopathic courses usually consist of four years full-time training, five years part-time or a mixture of full and part-time. In addition, osteopaths must undertake continuing professional development (CPD) every year throughout their working lives.

Is osteopathy covered by my health insurance?

Yes, if you have supplementary insurance, then the cost of treatment will be partially or fully reimbursed by your health insurance company. This does not take into account any excess / that may be deductible by your health insurer according to your policy.

What kind of techniques does an osteopath use?

The osteopath uses a variety of different techniques such as:

  • Articulation techniques: passive mobilisation of joints by taking them through their range of motion.
  • MET or Muscle Energy technique: involves, a voluntary contraction of muscles by the patient in a precisely controlled direction.
  • Harmonic techniques: rhythmic and cyclical movements of the spine and extremities.
  • Functional techniques: an indirect treatment approach that involves finding the "dynamic balance".
  • Manipulation techniques or (HVTs): high velocity thrust techniques involving direct, gentle forces to a specific point, area or structure.
  • Visceral techniques, appled directly to the internal organs and their fascial attachments.
  • Soft tissue techniques: stretching of muscles and other tissues.

What can a patient expect after an osteopathic treatment?

Sometimes after the first treatment, a patient might experience some mild discomfort.This is a normal reaction of the body. And any pain or discomfort will normally disappear, within one, or at most, two days.