Akperov R.Z.

D.O. MRO & Bost. Med.

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Why to choose this Osteopathy Practice:

  • A perfect location which can be easily reached by public transport or any other means.
  • No waiting list.
  • Treatment is covered by your health insurance.
  • The average short treatmnets take 30 minutes, so you can easily fit it in before, in-between or after work
  • Appointments at your convenience, also available on Saturdays as well as evenings
  • Cooperating with other healthcare specialists such as a homeopath, a personal trainer
  • A personalised unique approach to treatment
  • An English speaking osteopath
  • Treatment plan is discussed in advance with a 3D explanation of how the body works and why it suffers
  • Treatment of the whole body and not just the symptoms
  • A variety of gentle techniques are being used
  • It is not only about pain management but also about your general well-being
  • Payments are possible by PIN or by cash.